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Sublight 1 is one of those applications that change everything
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Sublight 1 is one of those applications that change everything. Downloading subtitles has historically been a pain in the butt. Whenever you found a subtitle for the media that you wanted, it either was in a language you didn't expect, was written by a 5-year old on a sugar rush, or was so out of sync that you would have rather guessed what the actors were saying. This has happened to everyone I know. Sublight makes things considerably easier by allowing you to download subtitles from an application. The application relies on a user base to rate all the subtitles and specify what release each subtitle works for. Thus, when you download a subtitle with a good mark and it has been commented upon, you can be absolutely certain that it will at least work. There are subtitles available for a variety of languages. Subtitles can be auto-searched or you can manually look for them. Also, Sublight allows you to preview the video and the subtitle even before you download it. With support for several subtitle and video formats and players, Sublight can't be beaten. Version 1 was released just a couple of days ago, so I would say start using this and save some time when you watch your favorite, legally-downloaded movies.

José Fernández
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  • Auto-search
  • Preview
  • Great user base
  • Several languages
  • Supports several players
  • User feedback


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