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As watching foreign films with subtitles becomes increasingly popular, there are various online databases from which you can get matching subtitles for your movies and TV series. Sublight can automatize the process of finding the right subtitle as it can search various databases. Similarly, it lets you pick the desired target language from a list.

The program has an easy-to-use interface, and you can use various procedures to perform a search. For instance, you can drag video files and drop them onto the program’s window. Fortunately, the application can also be integrated into Windows File Explorer, so with a right-click on a video file, you can easily ask Sublight to find and download matching subtitles. Finally, it is also possible to search manually by providing some of the words present in the title of the movie. Also, in the case of series, it is possible to specify the chapter and season.

It is a pity that the program has many limitations. When trying to run the program offline, it could not manage the scenario successfully so it crashed several times. I understand that it needs an Internet connection to be able to search the web, but it does not necessarily have to stop working altogether when it cannot connect to a remote database. Moreover, it always prompts you to enter a username and password before you can use the program and there is no way to simply cancel login and exit the application. Another drawback is that the tool appears to be unable to perform periodical checks to see if missing subtitles have already been uploaded. Finally, if you need to use the program with a free account, you cannot get rid of unwanted ads.

In fewer words, Sublight has the main advantage of searching various databases, which increases the probability you can find the needed subtitles. However, it would be good that future versions do not have so many disadvantages.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports finding and downloading subtitles from various Internet databases
  • Allows various search methods
  • Can be used directly from Windows File Explorer


  • It crashed when it was run offline
  • There is no way to cancel login
  • It cannot perform periodical searches for missing subtitles
  • The trial version shows a lot of ads
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